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01 Summary

Industrial Designer focused on product and business innovation. Strong passion for mobility and technology.

My main goal is to help companies build a better future through high-value disruptive projects.


Experience in project management, design thinking, human centered design and innovation process.

Key skills: Strategist, product and UX/UI design; systemic thinking; extraverted leader.


02 portfolio


03 Philosophy

"The ideas are where our strength lies and so much the better if we hold them stubbornly." - Enzo Ferrari

The present is the constant transition that moves us from the past to the future; Where do we come from? Where are we headed?. The future is our ideal, the past the inspiration and the present the execution period. And it is there, where the designer is present, understanding trends, technology, processes, information, functions and especially to the user, generating a feasible and viable solution, with projection towards the future.

"Design is intelligence made visible."— Alina Wheeler

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